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The Artistic Virtuosity

Bertolini Arte implements ancient and refined techniques to add the interiors a spectacular luxury touch.

The company craftsman dedicate their best skills to apply art to any room making it a real art piece.

Each piece is exclusive and finished in all details whilst the faithful application of the traditional workshop practices made Bertolini Arte a definitely unique company, with a very singular know-how and capacities preserved in the company’s workshops by ways of strict work procedures that are protected and transferred from one generation to the other.

The golden leaf

Never-ending delicacy and a whole lot of patience to carry out this decoration by a technique whose origins are lost in the dim and distant past: gold plating is a fascinating process used by the ancient handicrafts to make surfaces look incredibly precious and shiny.


Tiny pieces of wood, mother pearl and ivory are used to create complicated and virtuous pattern; perfect trompe-l'oeil, decorative shapes and charming effects.


Manual crafting requiring a personal fine touch to create inlaid or relief decors on any wooden surface; very elegant and still simple patterns and shapes forming exclusive and delicate decorations in the old handicraft style.


Precious woods taking soft and complex shapes and changing into elegant figures for timeless furniture, finely manufactured for a “warm” home-like venue.