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Our History

Every story starts out from a dream and a wish. Valeriano Bertolini had a big one that dipped its roots into the early times and the good tradition of his home place: the lands of Veneto and the Venetian Republic.

In 1973, Valeriano’s ideas took shape and Bertolini Arte was born. “Arte” means art and recalls all that is beautiful and sublime, stemming from strong will, culture, brilliance and a powerful resolution to produce enchanting and unique pieces.

At the beginning, the company mainly dealt with frames, mirrors, antique furniture, decors and accessories of a refined and gracious style, enriched by golden leaves and elegant inlays.

Later, the company specialized in the production of complete, luxury pieces of furniture in Italian and French style, baroque and rococo faithfully utilizing the ancient techniques of the old Venetian handicraft.

All works of the company are distinguished by the precious workmanship and the excellence of the finishing perfectly matching the original antique productions.

In the 80s the name of Bertolini Arte spread beyond the European borders and became famous in Saudi Arabia, Japan and USA soon arising to an international reference for most refined and prominent markets.

In the 90s, Bertolini Arte went through further development and set up a modern industrial plant that runs in accordance with the original concepts focused on art culture and handicraft virtuosity in order for the company to handle even the most demanding projects with expertise, human and technical resources that live up to the standards of the most exclusive and charming interiors worldwide.

At present, Bertolini Arte is mainly active on international markets with a portfolio of customers in Russia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Taiwan and China. The company is a well-known partner of designers, architects and luxury stakeholders that look for a dependable partner for their projects requiring accurate and detailed execution.

It is no coincidence that Bertolini Arte came to sign some of the most outstanding undertakings of the present age as: from the reconstruction of “La Fenice” opera theatre in Venice to the Otzuka Museum in Naruto, Japan, from the furnishing of Moscow’s Turandot, one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world to the interior decoration of some of the most impressive yachts and finally, the award of the decoration of the Royal Palace in Fez del Re in Morocco.

In 2011, the company further expanded its representations to include Shanghai where it opened the first single-brand retail shop offering strictly “Made in Italy” luxury items as well as Bertolini Arte new line of sumptuous kitchens and bathrooms and reconfirming its ascending and very sound growth pattern.