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La Fenice Opera Theatre in Venice

Bertolini Arte is proud of having taken part to the refurbishment of the La Fenice opera theatre in Venice after a dramatic fire completely destroyed this famous cultural place in 1996.

Thanks to its proven dependability and unequalled mastering of the old Venetian traditions, Bertolini Arte was awarded the challenging task of remaking the interiors of one of the most cherished and famous venues in Venice in January 2003.

In just eleven months and fully within the deadlines, the company made very high-quality achievements starting out of a meticulous and patient research study through all reference archives: treasured and opulent interiors, golden inlays and paper-mâché, plaster works and the steel parts of theatre, the decors and the furnishing.

Inside the theatre – opened later in December of the same year -  Bertolini Arte was responsible for:

  • 11,000 m frames;
  • 2,000 sq. m golden leaf (23-carat);
  • 100,000 g bole;
  • 20 sq. m.  silver 1000 for the decoration of the stage;
  • 1,000 kg gypsum;
  • 380 t lime wood (for inlays) prevalently from Russia;


Despite some objective difficulties in the set-up of the proscenium arch and the Royal Stand mainly due to off-site fabrications, Bertolini Arte achieved the faithful reconstruction of both the arch and the stand thanks to the performance of its workers, decorators and gilders.

The down stage area, the foyer and the Sale Apolinee are the best examples of the skills of the company’s workers and of the special techniques used by the specialist gilders to perform onsite plating for the reliefs of the pilasters and the balconies.

Finally, all the furnishing in ancient “Impero” style are the result of Bertolini Arte's handicraft that succeeded in bringing back to life one of Venice most famous masterworks, symbol of the city culture and tradition.