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Ancient Crafts

Bertolini Arte's handicrafts take their inspiration from 1400-1700 works, so rich in cultural and traditional contents characterized by a predominant taste for the warm, wealthy and luxury style of both baroque rococo.

This is the splendour that made Venetian Style famous, imitated and envied everywhere else in Europe; a style made unique by Arab and Byzantine influences and enriched by the handicraft art of the masters of the Doge Republic.

Wood, gold, ceramic, marble, precious fabrics, geometrical and floral motifs, richness, flamboyancy and luxury: a wealth of details that involved every aspects of life.

As Venetian workshops grew more numerous and the handicraft techniques became more refined, splendid works were produced with the supple and glazing shapes of beauty.

By recovering the signs of this glorious past, the Bertolini’s utilized the techniques of the ancient crafts providing the same exclusive quality.

Among them it is here worth recalling: the “marangoni”, the ancient carpenters assigned to the bridal trunk or chest, to the production of window and door frames, furniture, mirrors and frames; the cabinetmakers, ancient wood specialists and masters in furniture production enriched by wood decors and inlays; the remisseri, that is the intarsia specialists and the only ones capable of making ivory inlays and sheets; the gilders who used to renovate o make new decors for furniture and frames using the typical technique of the golden leaf, or gold powder or shell gold.

The tajapieras whose craft consisted into sculpturing and chiselling works  with marble and Istrian stone; the smiths who forged and moulded iron using anvils and other traditional tools; the painters who made frescoes and all types of paintings; and the “el bocaler” who fired and decorated the scratch work ceramics and the Venetian majolica wares.

This inestimable cultural and technical heritage of taste and hand crafting, was interpreted in a worthy manner by Bertolini Arte that is proud to export all over this world this exquisite centuries-old tradition.